April 10, 2012

A Third Granddaughter Is Born!

Three cousins just hanging out!
To our surprise our third granddaughter decided to come a little early and throw everyone off kilter!  But she's healthy and wonderful and beautiful and I could go on and on...! We are thrilled to have a third granddaughter. I am sewing some sweet little things for her and some are not quite finished. Need to finish some shopping. And be around to help my son and his wife with whatever they may need from me (they live only about 10 minutes away)! This is their first baby!!
I will make this post timely and tell you about my other two granddaughters who are also fabulous beyond belief! I would have posted this info somewhere along the way anyway but why not do it all at once...since it will be a while before my brain kicks back over into chick-brooder-coop-compost mode. The oldest granddaughter just turned twelve and she has a sister who just turned seven. Thankfully they only live about 20 minutes from us.

The seven year old already has a lot of interest in the chickens (actually I don't think there is an animal she doesn't love). She is great with our two big Australian Shepherds. She's not much bigger than they are but they follow her around as if they were little puppies and just love it when she comes over!

Her older sister loves animals too. For now she's a preteen and very involved in school, girl scouts, and church activities. She will be over her a lot more often during the holidays and that's about when the chickens should be in full swing with their egg laying. Letting her help collect some of their first eggs will be 'very awesome'...as she says. 

And I hope to do a photo shoot very soon with the three of them sitting out in the middle of the all chickens...that would be 'awesome' for me!

Brooder, chicks, coop....it can all wait a bit!!!!

(I'm guessing the month of April is going to be baby, baby, baby, 24/7)!