About Liz

My education and work background is in pottery and fiber arts, with a little medical training thrown in. I think my mother was the original kitchen composter (if there is such a thing)! It wasn't quite composting - more like recycling food. Nothing went to waste. She had a spot in the backyard, away from the house, that was bare of grass. All organic leftovers, watermelon rinds, lettuce, bread, etc., went to that designated area. Her priority was to feed the wild birds, but if a few squirrels came along that was okay too! She was also my inspiration for growing tomatoes.

Many of the things she did years ago haven't changed for some people today- for instance there were only three in our family, but she grew enough tomatoes to feed a third-world country.....

Besides the six chickens we've acquired, we have three grown children, three granddaughters, two dogs one cat and a horse -who does live in a nice stable in the country.

About Harry

I grew up with parents that came from two different walks of life. My mother was one of seven kids in a family that lived in a rural area. So I had a lot of Uncles and Aunts that gave me a taste of the country. I still remember going to stay with them for a few days. The big meal of the day was at lunch, which they called dinner. There was always three to four bowls of fresh vegetables from the garden. They all had huge gardens in the back.

My Father came from a smaller family that lived in the city. On my grandmother’s side we had relatives that were craftsman. This greatly influenced my Dad who became skilled in wood working, metal work, electrical, engineering and art. Thus, helping setting my path in Industrial Design.

 I obtained a degree in Industrial Design at Arizona State University. Over the years I have worked to design products for a number of different industries. I eventually expanded into Product Planning and Marketing. I have been working at a major electronic company for 20 years plus and currently head up a development team there.

With my roots in Industrial Design, I am always looking for a better way to do things. I first came across this word “sustainability” in a value engineering class. Basically, avoid waste. Wow, what a concept. So putting together this blog is more than just chickens, hopefully it will be a media to pass on the things I have learned over the years.

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