November 5, 2012

Now For Your Chickens' Musical Entertainment

I'm not sure if this is even worthy of a post but evidently MY chickens certain preferences in music. Curious....

I like music from every genre. I have playlists for my own different moods, for entertaining and holidays, even a list I put together specifically for cleaning the kitchen (it helps).  While they were free-ranging this morning I sat down on the glider to relax (really) and watch them NOT get in trouble. My iPod was on and the playlist was made up of a lot of random music. Including a few Jimmy Buffet songs. The girls were all over the yard scratching and pecking to their heats content -until one of the Jimmy Buffet songs came on. They ALL stopped at once and came over by me. Audrey hopped up in my lap which something NONE do voluntarily! The look they were giving me and my bright red iPod was hysterical, heads turning and bobbing like cartoon chickens and they hung around quite a while. Chickens are super curious, I already know, so I thought the music was just new to them. Except, Harry always has his music (totally different from mine)  on while in the backyard working and they've heard it and never reacted like this.
Wanna' dance?
Do I now have to play nothing but Jimmy Buffet when I'm out there? And not let Harry play ANY of his?
So, if your chickens are where they can hear music do they seem to know it's not regular noise? Can chickens really have a preference for different types of sounds
(why didn't I note which Jimmy Buffet songs were playing) ?


Note: Although I really enjoy Jimmy Buffet's music I don't think I could handle nothing but that for very long...even for the chickies!

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  1. I sing to the hens every morning and evening when I bring them some scratch.

    "All the single ladies, all the single ladies...If ya like it then ya should da put a ring on it...)

    Can't carry a tune in a bucket, but they seem to like it!


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