September 17, 2012

Backyard Art

Time to take a break. Forget scooping poop, feeding the chicks and look around. How often do you go into the back yard and really look around. For me, taking pictures is kind of an outlet from the everyday routine. Sometimes we are blind of the details that surround us. Stop, breathe and look at the ordinary and see  your own backyard as art

Weeds on the patio? or patterns under your feet?

A lonely back door at Noon

Lots of fig leaves...

So take a basic digital camera, set it on black and white for simplicity, set it on the highest resolution and shoot.

A garden tool waiting to work in the garden

I use a few different cameras but my favorite is a Cannon Power Shot Elph. Its small, has manual settings and has a rechargeable battery so you don't fill up landfills with batteries.

Rocks photographed in your back yard can be just as interesting as photos taken by Curiosity of rocks on Mars

 Weather worn wood detailing a little growth of moss.

Most cameras have a micro setting you can used for those close up pictures.

Fall time berries before the leaves drop.

Outside table edging the shot.

So its easy to just go out shooting a lot of pictures. But before you shoot look at all four corners to set your composition. You can always go back and crop later but I feel the best cropping is at the time the photo is taken.

Paint stir stick left out on the table

Tray looking for some ashes

Rock caught up in the grid

 Counting the power

Stone and vine collaboration
Look for those details you never saw. Take lot of different angles of the same item and pick the best view later. No film these days to pay for. All those digital 0's and 1's are cheap.

Heavy gravity demonstration keeping the edge of my compost pile in order.

That big metal cast bracket that held the sink up on the wall in the basement. I can't seem to bring myself to throw it away. I'm sure I will find a use for it.

Wire geometry

Bring your backyard inside. Pick your best shots, print, frame and hang. Give a little of your backyard to your friends. Post a little of your yard on that big WWW

Take trashy pictures too

The dog's ball resting

Spool of roping that fused together sitting outside

Fallen leaf, a sign of cooler weather on the way

Wood twist

So create some backyard art


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