September 10, 2012

Feed Store Run and...Fortex Bowls

I had to make a run to the big-box feed store that always has everything.  It's about a 45 or 50 min drive in non-rush-hour traffic. So I don't go there often and I keep a running list of things I can't get at the neighborhood pet/feed store.  I needed to get a larger hanging feeder, and some other goodies as well.  They were out of the crushed oyster shells I needed, but they had just received a shipment of several different sized Fortex Livestock bowls (I got a small and a larger for different type things).

They Love Their New Bowls

Everyone Eat!

These are great for filling with water and floating cut grasses, grapes, etc., in. They are absolutely the best when it comes to giving treats, leftovers, special goodies, even regular feed. They are made of rubber, heavy and thick. Unlike plastic or ceramic  bowls, the chickens cannot flip them over when they stand on the bowl rim (which is funny when it happens but the contents end up all over me)! It also seems to be easier for them to get at small bits of food, they're easy to clean, they're no more expensive than a regular dog bowl.  I'm also planning to replace our dogs food and water bowls with Fortex next time I make a run to the feed store.

I also got a small bag of layer pellets - they think those are treats too. I want them to finish their starter/finisher crumbles because of the nutrition they provide. I am mixing the layer pellets in with their regular feed. I will be switching them to layer feed soon which leaves us with another decision...Chicken feed organic or not? That will be our next big decision.

The decision to feed organic or not, is a personal one for each chicken keeper. We need to weigh the cost and convenience factor against the 'pesticides and other unpronounceable  chemicals added' factor and decide what works for us and our flock.  I am big on reading and researching labels and ingredients for my family's food and I am just a diligent about what our pets eat.
More researching for me!


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