January 8, 2013

For Those Empty Nesters - The Human Kind

I've been saving this post for a while because it's a bit corny and didn't exactly fit in with the holidays. Yesterday, though,  I saw this exact comment somewhere (wish I could remember) and knew I had to go with it and not worry about the 'corny' part.
So here goes:

After your own human children fly the coop why not look into relining those nests with chicken feathers!

Looking or thing about what to do...


  • You don't have to tell the chickens when it's bedtime or even to GO to bed. They're on their roosts before your HAPPY HOUR even starts!
Ready for bed time!

Up and ready to go in the morning

  • Same thing with getting up in morning, they're up and ready to go before you
  • They will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  your lukewarm, lumpy oatmeal!

More oatmeal, more oatmeal!

  • They will lovingly HELP you with the tilling, weeding and bug removal in your garden - they are great little gardeners.

  • Your compost pile will be turned regularly with such perfection and care.
  • They could care less what YOU look like at 5:30 in the morning.

  • They actually WANT to eat healthy -  fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • You never have to drive them to soccer practice, movie  or the mall.
  •  They won't be insulted if you offer them those slightly dried out, left-over taco shells!
  • If there IS a job you think they're not quite up to they won't be offended if you only let them follow you around and supervise
  •  AND BEST OF ALL...they'll give you eggs for breakfast instead of asking WHAT'S for breakfast.

Lovely fresh eggs.

There are many more reasons why you should raise chickens. Most of them have to do with knowing where your food (eggs) come from and what is in them, the inhumane care by some of the commercial poultry farms - but these reasons I hope you already know.



  1. Chickens are a perfect empty-nester filler! I jumped the gun and got mine when the youngest was a senior in high school. Best thing I've ever done!

    1. I would have loved to have had chickens while our kids were growing up - and I don't really know why we didn't. But the grown up kids still get the benefit of free fresh eggs!

  2. We've had chickens for a few years and love them! They are so entertaining, we love the eggs (so do our families!), and yes, they help in the gardens...sometimes to the expense of my hosta leaves, though.
    Saw you sharing at Tilly's Nest
    Debbie :)

    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing. I have tons of hostas in the front yard and would love to let them go out there and take care of our slug problem (and I'd gladly give up a few hosta leaves in the process)! But no fence around front yard and I don't know if these would learn 'street smarts' or not.

  3. Chickens give you a kind of calming, while watching them interact. And they always love to see you come, since they are hoping you are bring them a health snack.
    You really will become a Chicken Watcher more then you think!


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