January 6, 2013

Holiday Photos

Liz and I thought we would just recap the recent holidays with a few pictures. Lots of Family in and out with the girls giving us plenty of eggs for Christmas. This past week  we have been recovering from bad colds but hope to be posting new stories and adventures soon.
This pumpkin can be messy

We gave the girls a Christmas salad a few days before Christmas. Trying to keep a little green in their diet. We were able to use the last of our white pumpkins leftover from Halloween!

We are attempting to grow a few flats of grass however the result has not been great.

Stockings hung, Christmas came!
Under the tree, Santa left a new feeder for the girls. And no… they did not come in to hang out under the tree.

New Feeder
The day after Christmas we woke up to a little snow (their first). Everyone stayed cooped up that day.

Out at last...
However the day after, the sun came out as well as the ladies.
Poor wind-blown Carmen.

At first they ran to the driveway and stayed out of the snow. However they ventured out into it, finally, for their foraging in this strange stuff!

Julie running fast to keep her feet warm

Big Fluffy butts keeping the barred rocks warm.

So tell me, what is all this white stuff?

Some issues with the snow but Julie will not be kept from her compost pile.



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