March 23, 2012

Inspired By Chickens

I have managed to complicate my life more than I would have ever thought possible. All good though; helping get ready for third granddaughter expected at the end of April, getting brooder ready for chicks coming at end of June, building 'industrial strength' chicken coop, two raised beds that need major attention for planting veggies, another raised bed needing to be built near chickens for their entertainment when they start living outside...not to mention launching this blog!

After our visit to the Chicken Palace Cathedral  (check out the "Pecking Order Page" for more info on them) and meeting the owners Mark and Dennis it was time to do serious research on raising backyard chickens. Along with the endless list of gorgeous -to-look-at chickens, we had to consider a lot of other criteria such as cold or heat hardy, broodiness, are they good egg layers (like daily laying), size of eggs, color, etc. There also seems to be, at least with most online ordering, a time table for ordering specific breeds of chicks. It's not complicated it just takes planning. If you want specific breeds you have to order the chicks sometimes months ahead. You can check with you local feed store ans see if they might have chicks available at certain times. We are excited about getting them ordered and getting specific breeds so we are ordering online!

So we ordered....      

Two Barred Plymouth Rocks,  One Buff Polish Crested,  One Welsummer,
One Light Brown Leghorn,  One Easter Egger.
Barred Plymouth Rock - Chicks
Buff Crested Polish - Chicks

Easter Egger - Chicks

Welsummer - Chicks

Light Brown Leghorn - Chicks

Lets hear a collective 'Awwwwwww.......'



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