March 1, 2012

The Recycle Cycle

What we've been doing for a long time....
The Recycle Cycle: Throw leftovers from meals into 1 gal. kitchen compost bin...dump kitchen bin into 5 gal. pail outside…dump 5 gal. pail to main (outdoor) compost pile…the bedding and poop from cleaning your chicken coop can also be dumped into the main compost pile...let it breakdown into organic material to become compost...haul loads and loads of rich, organic compost to your garden...grow your own great veggies...harvest veggies, collect eggs from your own backyard...make fabulous healthy well...scrape the compostable leftovers in to kitchen compost bin...repeat. A lot.

Great Compost!

For Larger Composts This Style Is Easy For Turning Layers

There are so many different ways to build and start a compost pile or bin. Find ideas/plans on the Internet, get ideas from what you neighbors have. It can be basic, simple or fancy depending on your needs. You can also buy manufactured compost bins in every shape and style. Do your research first though!

Nicely Hidden!

Easy Open Front

Note!  No matter which style of composting you choose you need to know the basic composting process before you start!!!!!!! There will be many more posts in this blog devoted entirely to composting and Kitchen composting !



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