March 5, 2012

Oh, The Cost Of Potting Soil

We have been composting for years - which is how this whole 'recycle-cycle' thing got started.  Grass cuttings, raked leaves, sawdust and wood shavings wood, a few small limbs and twigs to break up--and it all goes to the compost. No buying bags to fill and haul to the street (more about perk later). Just a reusable round pop-up style garden bin that is easy to fill (no bags to stuff and tie off at top).   Just carry the whole thing to the compost pile and dump. Seriously. Easy.

I've always had container gardens over-flowing with flowers, herbs, and vegetables. I love them because they're like portable color and texture for the yard.  I can experiment with them in sunny or shady locations, find out what works best. Years ago, as I would start over with a container, I would throw out the old plants with their dirt and not think a thing of it. Now I look back and cringe at the thought of all that was wasted. Yeah, yeah, it was just dirt but have you seen the cost of potting soil lately? I never buy potting soil anymore.  I take what I call healthy, but just worn out soil and mix it in a large pail with our rich wormy compost and that's all I need to plant or replant for the season (I guess that could be called recycling the compost or re-purposing the compost...). We started kitchen composting (more info about kitchen composting to come) and that upped the pile considerably.  All the sawdust from building the coop will go to the compost pile. Eventually the bedding and poop from the chicken coop will go into the compost pile! The recycle-cycle.

Edibles Growing Very Well

So many great ideas for growing vegetables in small areas can be found on the Internet!

Re-purposed Dump Truck
Just research what you're planting and give it the proper can grow almost anything almost anywhere!

Used Pallets

A Full Vegetable Garden And No Big Red Tractor In Sight!


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