July 4, 2012

Escapee Wanna-be's...

The chicks are in the middle of their second week of life. I had heard they grow astonishingly fast from day one but this is crazy!  Really. Their tail tufts and tiny wings are coming in over the re down. They already look grown up.  I was beginning to think the hatchery had somehow made a mistake and they were really a week older

Planning her big escape
It's really hot here so there is no problem maintaining the 90 degree temp for their second week.  Because I'm so hot I feel so sorry for the chicks and I want to take them to play in the cool part of the house. And that would not be good for 2 week old chicks! Any sudden temp changes for chicks is not good.

Everyone follow me!

Practicing Their Roosting
Harry built a roost for them to practice umping on.  A dowel mounted on a wood block. They loved it! I guess this was there first 'playground equipment'!


You're not going to believe how fast these babies grow...not kidding!


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