July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! Two Weeks Old

Today the had their first session of free-ranging in the backyard (supervised of course)! A small temporarily fenced area to play. They had fun after about 60 sec. of standing frozen, watching each other for some type of cue that it was okay to go crazy. It's very hot here so we limited their play  to as long as it took for photos. They really weren't sure what to do. Instead of scratching and pecking they immediately ran out of the little openings in the fence…in and out in and out...a new game!

First Outing

While our youngest daughter, who lives in AZ, is home for holiday we are going to name them. Our daughter really wants to pick  the name for Welsummer so they're getting names A.S.A.P! They get in trouble so much that it's hard not to call them by a  nickname and I don't want these particular nicknames to stick.

Almost two weeks old I just can not believe how incredibly fast they are growing. As your can see in the photo above the polish crested is already starting to get a little top-know that will soon be her crest of feathers.



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