December 1, 2012

Cooking Our First Eggs

The moment finally came! Time to cook our first homegrown eggs. With our gift of another egg this morning we decided to try the fruit of our girls.
  With four eggs we tried out our first omelet. As shown above with a store bought large egg, these first eggs are a little smaller.
 I feel like I am prepping for a cooking show but I want to document the event. Ready with a spread of fresh picked spinach from the backyard, a few cut tomatoes, a little shredded cheese and our four eggs...lets cook!
  So here we go, cracking the first egg. The shells were quit thick and strong, I guess this is good. All the yokes are a rich dark yellow, the color of marigold petals, very beautiful.
    I beat the eggs and then remembered I forgot the onions. So this is take two for showing the spread.
  I like to cook with a little butter and olive oil

  In go the eggs and other the ingredients.  Cooking on medium I gently fold them over.
Cooking shows make it look so easy - my masterpiece is a little messy.
 I place on the plate a little cheese and spinach to add color. This is a  piece of art. Now time to eat.
Everyone is asking…eww what do their first eggs taste like? I am happy to say that they were very goodI know where these came from. They are free of all the unhealthy additives in store bought eggs and that makes them taste even better! So this city boy is looking forward to more tasting trials soon.


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  1. Congrats on your first eggs! Your omelet looks delicious. Store bought eggs will never seem good again!


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