December 19, 2012

Twelve days of Chickens..Raquel

Although all our girls are beautiful, “Raquel” Welch has grown up into a fluffy natural beauty. 

You would think she is self-aware, as in every step she takes across the yard is with the grace of a Hollywood star. The last few months her feathers have exploded in colors and patterns. 
  And what makes it more unique, they are grouped and mapped in regions like little States.
  Even as a small teenager you could start to see the grouping of the different feathers. Have to say her teenage period was not the best beauty time.
  As an Americana, she is referred to as an Easter Egger and we hope her eggs are as interesting as her appearance.

She is also the most independent one of the group. She doesn’t bully anyone even though she is the largest. It appears she is in her own little world and does as she pleases. She stays near the group when free ranging but wonders off on her own exploration 
Afternoon Break Time

The first couple of nights the girls were in the coop with the three perches, she slept in the back of the coop with someone tagging along with her. More on roosting drama go to;
Older Teenager Look
  She grew the fastest in size and is the larger of all of the girls. Her headgear bloomed a little later than the others but it added the final accent to her overall look
It's wild how this little ball of brown feathers grew up into a showcase glamor model 


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