December 20, 2012

Twelve Days Of Chickens...Audrey

Our other Black Barred Plymouth Rock is Audrey Hepburn. The breed is extremely sweet easy-going. I think I recommended in a previous post that BR's are great breed too start out with.

Fluffy baby.


Audrey is a bit bigger than her sister Katherine, and also has a much fuller, darker comb and wattle. She's not aggressive at all but more outgoing than her sister. When it comes to food she's there first. They both can beg and jump up and take food out of your hand like a dog. Trick chickens, who knew? They are all so funny sometimes! And sweet.

Can't stop, can't stop eating!

The minute she and her sister see me coming out to the hen house they start putting all their weight ageist the door. That makes it hard for me to open without letting them out (of course). All of our chickens are very smart but Audrey and Katherine use their smarts to trip me up literally.

Got Treats?

Audrey is first in line for everything…whether it's something she wants or not!  I walk out the back door with any kind of food and she's at my feet immediately. If I have something she likes I'm her BFF! Trying to slip something boring, like their layer feed, in with something great,like cottage cheese, gets me a cold shoulder and an eye roll.  Yes, some chickens can actually roll their eyes and Audrey is one!

This just isn't right!
 From cute little black puff ball to big girl!


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