December 21, 2012

Twelve Days Of Chcikens...Raquel

Raquel Welch is our Easter Egger. The EE's lay pastel green or blue eggs (thus the name Easter Egger). The color egg they lay first will be the color that EE lays for life. She as not started laying yet but it should be any day now. Not only are we excited about having another laying, but the color will be a surprise.

Fluffy Baby...

Teenagers hanging out!

Newly hatched and in the brooder, Raquel's markings were similar to Julie, our brown leghorn. She looked like a chipmunk with a beak! She was, like the rest, a sweet fluff-ball. She an Julie were close in the size till about three months. Then  Raquel absolutely took off growing.  Julie's growth was so much slower that  I became concerned (new mommy -remember). But I did my research, look at photos of sizes each were supposed to be at that age, talked to my chicken buddies. They were both right where they should be. I just LOVE this new education I'm getting! Raquel and Talulah are the biggest in the flock now. Although some of Talulah's size is due to fluff, Raquel's size is just BIG fluff or not. 

Which is mine?

During the summer months, when I was reading everything I could on egg production, I learned that chickens larger in size, like the EE's, start laying later. Bummer…I was ready for eggs then! The two middle-sized barred rocks started laying first. Julie, next to the smallest, started laying right aft they did. Raquel should be next. She certainly acts ready! 

Sunbathing and ignoring Talulah. 

Raquel's favorite pastime is also dust bathing. She's bigger, has strong claws and gets a hole ready faster than any of the others.  Once she gets settled into the hole she dug -all by herself - the others suddenly show and want her to share! She doesn't try to chase them away but she makes sure her large body and out-stretched wings leave little room for any of the others!


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