December 21, 2012

Twelve Days Of Chickens...Talulah

For anyone just jumping into this, each of us is going to post views and insights about each chicken in our flock (2 people X  6 chickens =12).  Today is my post about Talulah.

At almost six months Talulah is a really beautiful chicken. When she starts laying eggs they will be dark brown or chocolate colored, (not chocolate covered as my granddaughters thought I said)! Right now she spends a lot of time checking out the egg boxes, either practicing or making sure they are up to her standards. She is very picky about the coop area also. We keep it filled with a lot of extra straw to help keep  out the cold. For some weird chicken reason she kicks the straw out into the run the minute we get the coop area filled and cozy. We go through this routine several times a day in - even on the coldest days. Yes, chickens can be weird. 

Eagle eye!

She and our Easter Egger are the two biggest chicks in the flock. We've decided that, although she may not be at the top of the pecking order, she's definitely head look-out or maybe Chief of Chicken Police. She's alert to anything in the sky or trees that might mean peril for the others. If she heads for cover so do the rest, immediately.

Welsummers' have a small comb, ear tufts and no wattle.  She's a beautiful chicken with gorgeous golden feathers across her shoulders (like a cape) that really reflect beautifully in the sun...and of course her super fluffy butt that you see more of than any other part of her!

Lazing in the sun.

 As I'm writing this post she is digging a hole to China for the purpose of a luxurious dust bath! Even in this cooler weather they will do anything for a dust bath. I guess Talulah and Raquel are the queens of the dust and not-to-muddy holes around here. Because of their colors they're both good at disappearing down into the ground. 

From this fluffy baby...

to this big girl!

A great gift on Christmas morning would to find an egg from a new layer, or two,  ...chocolate, blue or green!


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