December 27, 2012

Twelve Days of Chickens...Audrey

(For anyone just jumping into this-
The Twelve days of Chickens….
Between now and Christmas/New Years each of us is going to post views and insights about each chicken in our flock (2 people X  6 chickens =12). )

As I mention on Katherine’s post, the Hepburn sisters were always hard for me to distinguish who was who until now. Audrey, now biggest of the two has the larger comb with a large blade at the end, folding over slightly. 
They both have that black and white distinct feather pattern. 
  Looking back at their earlier pictures, its cool how their eyes changed from a green to an orange color.

Both sisters were the first to start laying however we believe Audrey produces from time to time a slight speckled medium brown egg. 
  Audrey is more the Spa type of girl loving to take her dust baths each day. She was the first to dig the hole for bathing. Recently she has invited other ladies in to join her including her sister.
 She is a queen

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