December 6, 2012

Twelve Days Of Chickens... Talulah

Tallulah was the most out going, aggressive chick from the first day we got her. She always had to know what was going on. She was the first to hop up on to the water bottle and look out at the world. First one to escape the brooder.

Another world!

 Hey you up there, make sure the temp is just right for us.

When we had to move them 
around she was one of the hardest to catch and made the loudest noise. The first to fly the in the coop-et.

She is a Welsummer but I think she is part Mogwai, more related to Stripes from the movie Gremlins. She doesn’t exactly transform into a small destructive evil monster, but sometimes close. Maybe a little more like her name sake, Talulah Bankhead. She has a deep chirp, flamboyant personality, and I am sure if we had a Roo, there would be romances.
As a teenager I didn't have my beautiful brown eyes yet.
You might say that she is at the top of the pecking order. For a time she bossed everyone around, pushing them out of the way for the first bite of food, the first out of the coop in the morning and first to try a new perch. Now at almost 6 months old, the other girls ignore her most of the time. However she still tries to have her beak in the everything going on.

New Ramp Inspector

The most drama now is when they roost. If someone is in her spot, she sticks her head between their legs and lifts up trying to push them off the perch. Some of the other girls are bigger and she sometimes has to settle for second chair. But the roosting hour is always entertaining...and loud, very loud!
Come a little closer, sweetie
She still comes up to the wire and gets in your face to stare you down. I guess she feels secure behind the hardware cloth.  She does not have a complete comb yet so she really has her Velociraptor look going on! But she's a sweet bird and would NEVER peck your eyes out.... 

I'm invisible behind this plant.
With all this said, I feel she replaces the rooster as the protector. The first sign of something not right, she seems to alert the team and they all run back to the coop. When they are free ranging the other girls are always in another world. Tallulah is always alert and keeps an eye on everything.
Life guard chair.



  1. I'm reluctant to post this but I really don't think she's a welsummer. They don't have that feather pattern with the laced feathers- She looks like an Easter Egger or Americana to me esp with the puffy checks. Good chances if she is an easter egger you'll get a beautiful blue or green egg from her.

  2. I completely agree! Those are the trademark cheeks of an Easter egger.


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