December 29, 2012

Twelve Days of Chickens...Julie

Julie Newmar our Light Brown Leghorn has transitioned through several phases in the first 6 months. 

As a chick she was always the fastest, hardest to catch and was nicknamed speedy. She looked very similar to Raquel but her method of slipping away set her apart.

As a teenager, she was the first to get her comb and to date has the biggest.  

It has a distinct shape extending in length toward the back and folds over.

--> Julie and Carmen are the smallest of the flock and seemed to become buddies in the teenage period. They both love bugs and worms and always head straight to the mulch pile to go digging together.  
This white stuff is WHAT?

Julie has maintained her speed by looking like a road runner darting across the yard. She continued to be hard to catch until a month ago when she started laying. She suddenly changed. When you get close to her now she will squat and let you pick her up. When we first let the dogs hang out with them, she was the first to come up and check out Ruby. She now comes up to us all the time and will sometime jump in our laps to see if we have food. 
What's up?

Her eggs were the first off white one we got. Carmen’s are similar but have a little more point to them.



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